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Emmari Recruitment International has rapidly become one of Uganda’s leading providers of recruitment services in Uganda. We are registered with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development as an International recruitment agency, and we supply labour to the entire Gulf region and the world at large, delivering a talented pool of Human resources, based on clients’ requirements.

We specialize in labour recruitment, training, and placement of a well-trained labour force with skills and competence to deliver beyond clients’ expectations. Our workers are an all-around trained force equipped with focusing on productivity and work safety standards. We are the leading company in integrating secular jobs and providing an integrated workforce based on personality tests and hands-on experience to work in any environment.

We conduct a mandatory training program for all job applicants, facilitated by our professional and highly qualified team. They also follow the following steps before being deployed in any working Environment.


We offer a variety of services, some of which include:
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We identify and approach suitable candidates and update our already existing candidate database with candidates that fit the various mold requirements set by organisations and companies.


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